People are becoming more conscious of the energy that is being used and are looking into ways in which carbon footprint can be reduced. Not only this but cutting back on wasted energy can cut energy bills by a great deal.

Here are some ways for better energy management in the home:

Servicing and Maintenance

Many people fail to get their boiler and central heating system checked on a regular basis but this simple task is cost effective and can reduce the energy it uses. Poorly maintained boilers are prone to faults and will therefore require more energy to function effectively, this can increase energy bills.

Turn Off Power

When we switch off the television, games console and desktop computer by the on/off button most appliance just go on standby which means that they are actually still on and are using up energy. When you go to bed at night be sure to walk around the home and turn everything off by the wall plug socked. If you want to be really energy conscious you can even go that extra bit further and pull the plug from the socket.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We should be taking every step possible in order to reduce waste; this in turn will reduce landfill which will have a benefit on the environment. You can reuse most of the waste produced by turning it into a compost mound. Almost everything from cardboard, vegetable peelings and egg shells can be added to a compost bin for rich compost that you can use all over the garden.

Recycling is one of the easiest steps that you can take for better energy management because almost all household waste can be recycled. Different waste bins can be brought from local authorities and will enable you to segregate the waste that you produce.

Turn to Renewable Energy

Installing solar panels in your home can be an expensive venture but what many people fail to realise is that in the long run you will actually be saving money because it will cut your energy bills by a considerable amount. You can also utilise the suns energy to light up garden lights and security lights.

Use an Energy Monitor

An energy monitor will allow you to understand how much energy you are utilising in your home and what appliances use a lot of energy. It has three colour indicators, green – low, amber – medium and red – high. As you turn on different appliances in your home you will see the colour change indicating that you are using more energy. This will allow you to become more conscious of the energy that you are using in your home and by reducing it you will cut energy bills.

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